Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Claustrophobic Chic

As I have said before, our apartment is cute, but t-i-n-y. Our bathroom is no exception. We moved within a week of looking and did not have time to really think about what would compliment a white, door hit your toilet bathroom, with brownish grey tile floor (does anything?). I threw in some blue discount towels and a white home goods shower curtain and I was finito. I wasn't inspired and just wanted to shut the door and forget the room existed. Now that we've finally settled in, it's time for a re-do. Here are some super tiny, extremely chic bathroom's that made me realize there was hope for our little mess after all.
I will post a before & after next week.  In the meantime, hopefully these tiny, chic bathrooms will inspire you to re-vamp as well.