Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Not So Classic, Classic.

How can you not L-O-V-E these photo's.  Ugh, I die... perfection.  I had a wonderful weekend on Long Island with my family.  The sun was out (minus the brief snow fall) and it made me long for Spring, Summer, or at least a damn vacation.  Sigh.  Anyhoo, as I've said before, color can knock the seasonal depression out of anyone.  I love what's going on now with the classic blazer.  The colors out there are amazing- so vibrant and fun!  I adore the first girls fantastic outfit.  You can find a similar blazer here.  Paired with an LWD for a night out or with cigarette pants and a white tee for work.  Beyond.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday's Favorites- The Dress

I may actually pick my dress this weekend!  What an exciting thought.  I've narrowed it down to two.  One is sophisticated, elegant and chic.  The other is romantic, sexy and ethereal.  I love them both so I'm bringing in the big guns- my sister and my father- to help me decide.  I cannot wait to see what they think.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone and thanks for checking in.  I can't thank you enough for all of your wonderful comments.  It's a joy to read them all.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Elegance Personified

My grandmother was the definition of class.  She always held her head up high, no matter what the situation.  She was sophisticated, thought before she spoke and had tremendous integrity.  Girls of today could learn a thing or two from a women like her.  We will always love you and we will miss you dearly. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Wedding Favorites- The New Initials

image courtesy of anne's virtual closet

I love the idea of proudly displaying your new initials after the nuptials.   I know I will be so excited to rock my new, super Italian last name and initials.  My future mother in law had such a sweet idea.  She gave her daughter a monogrammed, gold necklace (similar to the one above) as her shower present.  That way, as soon as she got married she was able to wear it.  I absolutely love this idea!  It's so thoughtful and sweet.  My favorite version of the necklace is by Jennifer Miller.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Lady in Red

Lady in Red
What a fantastic afternoon.  I spent the last few hours shopping for a wedding dress with my wonderful mother.  The whole day was centered around love and romance.  It made me realize that Valentines day is right around the corner.   There is no better way to show up to dinner that evening than in an LRD.  The little red dress is sexy, classy and sassy.  I can guarantee that your man will love it as much as you love wearing it.  I adore this Alice & Olivia tunic dress from shopbop.  It will definitely be added to my wardrobe immediately.  What will you be wearing this Valentines?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

More Glam then a Jewlery Tree

I always wanted a jewelry tree growing up.  I had this vision in my head of hundreds of sparkly necklaces hung up on my dresser for all to see.  Now, I've grown out of my dress up phase, but still want to display my pieces in a unique way.  This is a much more chic way to do so.  Porcelain ashtrays look polished, but are so fun and they come in a variety of sizes.  Hermes has the classic one, but at $650 it's a bit insane.  My new favorite downtown spot, CWonder has the most fun, well priced, home accessories.  Including, the above tray for only $38!  Purchased immediately.  You must check it out.

Monday, February 6, 2012

A little bit of Bad Ass

I adore Stubbs & Wootton loafers and if you're a long time follower- you know this.  The thing is, they are quite expensive.  So, whenever a find an inexpensive alternative, I love posting them for my readers. These Jan Josef skull slippers are very cute and at under $70 they are very well priced!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Wedding Favorites- Bridemaids

Bows are so preppy and sweet.  They are usually a little two innocent looking for me, but I love how they look on the above bridesmaids dresses.  I know some of my girls would have a fit with this, but I think it's quite adorable.  I do know that I am going with a more muted shade for the bridesmaids.  I think it looks so elegant and beautiful when the girls color pallet is similar to the brides dress.  Have a wonderful weekend, ladies...