Monday, August 19, 2013


I'm trying to help a neighbor arrange a home office in a one bedroom apartment.  It gets tricky when there is one, long room and it needs to be broken up into smaller, specific areas.  There are plenty of ways to make this work.  There are bookcases that can be used to separate, a rug that can break up a room and create different vignettes, or even just ways of arranging furniture which can be useful.  Here is some inspiration from my favorite source, pinterest.

I absolutely adore this setup.  Firstly, bookcases in an apartment are my absolute favorite.  I think they really add character to the cookie-cutter feel of most NYC or any cities generic apartments.  They are perfect for creating a desk and I adore the way this was done.  Second, I'm obsessed with the chair!
This is my favorite set up for this specific apartment because they need two desks set up.  I love how they use a hide on top of the sisal to break up this section and kind of seperate it from the rest of the room.  Also, the more streamline feel of the parsons desk would definitley work for this client.
I am obsessed with this entire office.  It's the perfect juxtoposition between both masculine & feminine, modern & traditional.  Also, I love the wall color... using a dark, slate like this on just one wall would break the room up and create an office area.

I'll keep you posted with an inspiration board later this week. 
If you guys have any tips please feel free to share.  Have a great week!