Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I don't know about you guys, but I am completely over this winter.  New York City has been a disaster this winter.  At first it was a winter wonderland, but now it is anything but... I walk out my door and am slammed with freezing cold air, disgusting muck on the streets or a jammed pack subway because of the weekly flurries.  Our fam is headed to Palm Beach this week and I am so looking forward to the fresh air and beautiful beaches.  This summer craving inspired my post of color today.   I love comparing a great outfit to a fabulous room.  The pops of color in both the fashion and the decor really got me out of my winter blahs and makes me look forward to the warm months ahead.I'm loving this pink and orange pallete.  

The scarf is to die for and I absolutely adore the painting, headboard and linens in the above bedroom. 

How adorable is this couple?  They look like they are on the streets of Pairs, but I would love to have a pair of those pants for Palm Beach.  They would be perfect.  Also, I love the mix of modern and traditional in the above desk nook.  The lucite desk a dainty french, painted chair is a match made in heaven. 

As you know, we love a good monogram and this bedding is killer.  The thick scallop is a modern take on traditional and I am totally in love with the toile headboard.  The bathing suit cover up and the adorable stripped buggy on the left are pretty perfect as well.

Counting down the days until my feet are in the sand...