Friday, July 25, 2014


We have a lovely new project on the West Side in NYC.  It is a studio in a beautiful building that we are going to try to make homey, stylish & chic.  Our first task was to find an itty bitty console table for the main wall to create an entry.  After scouring our sources are favorite are below...

My favorite above is the faux, ostrich piece from an adorable online store called Society Social.  It's inexpensive and makes such a statement in that bold color.  If we don't go with one of the above we love the idea of a small, custom, skirted tables (clearly we're love our skirted tables- showhouse pics). 
An example of one is below.

How adorable?  I love the trim and everything about it.

Enjoy your weekend!  
My family is headed out to Southampton... will post some pics on instagram so check them out.