Monday, March 30, 2015


Alex & I were almost home owners this weekend (for the fifth time).  
I cannot take this Long Island real estate market…

This house was so charming.  It was adorable, but a complete disaster at the same time.  Let's just call it a fantastic fixer upper.  It got me thinking... Which would I do first?  Exterior or interior revamps?  For me, curb appeal is very important.  You can hide certain things on the inside- throw a skirted table over some water damage in the living room, wallpaper the back mess of a bookcase, place a gigantic, modern piece of art over that crack in the dining room wall- everything is manageable on the inside.  Interiors, I know, I can make amazing, but poor landscaping can really destroy the overall look a house.  Basically, a few, layered boxwood's can change your life.  Here are my favorites that I will definitely copy once we finally find our home.

Cannot wait.