Friday, July 31, 2015


I'm semi- obsessed with the glasses by Warby Parker.  It's a sophisticated, classic, but super cool brand.  When they asked us to contribute to a blog post for their #seesummerbetter campaign we were thrilled!  Above are a few of my favorites and places where we think they would look fab.

1. Griffin in Blonde Tortoise | I think my favorite pair of glasses to go with my absolute favorite place in the summer (or any time of year for that matter)- Southampton beach.  I grew up summering here and it just brings me to a happy place.  I can sit and watch the waves or read for hours.
Glasses | Warby Parker
Hat | Net-a-Porter
Bikini | Shop Bop
Beach Towel | Matouk

2.  Crossfield in Polished Gold | The perfect pair to wear for some beers and great music.  Late summer (end of August, early September), after the crowds have subsided, Cisco Brewery in Nantucket is the most fun spot to party.  You're never to old for an afternoon jam session and a round of corn hole.  Hanging here with my fam is the best.
Glasses | Warby Parker
Striped Top | MDS Stripes
Sandals | Calypso
Jean Shorts | AG

3.  Reilly in Marzipan Tortoise | A chic pair of shades for a day at the Met and a picnic in the park.  Do not miss the current exhibit on China Through the Looking Glass.  It is the most amazing showcase of haute couture you have ever seen. 
Glasses | Warby Parker
Tote | Rae Feather
Jumper | Club Monaco
Flats | Chanel

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


I am contacted daily by vendors promoting their products or wanting us to check out their websites.  I always take the time to do so because it's so fun to use something new in whatever projects we are working on.  Using the same thing over and over gets old.

Recently, I received an email from ArtStar.  A website that was created to make contemporary prints accessible to everyone.  Coincidentally I was searching for prints to use in our Nantucket staging job so it was perfect timing.  I was immediately obsessed with their Slim Aarons esq take on photography, their adorable trendy fashion items and their section on prints for kids.

Unfortunately we were on a deadline for Nantucket so we did not use the above, but I intend on revisiting them very soon for a new project.