Sunday, October 25, 2015


I was lucky enough to visit an amazing, historic home in Southampton this weekend that Denise helped decorate this past summer in conjunction with RK Development (the best builders in Southampton).  I hadn't seen the house since the beginning of the project and really didn't know much about the house until today.   After learning the property was called, "Mocomanto", I knew there had to be some interesting stories involved with a name like that, but didn't expect what I found out.  

Mocomanto is located on Lake Agawan which is a picturesque spot that couldn't be more perfect.  It is a historic home built in 1882 with original Tiffany & Co. windows in it's understated foyer.  It's original inhabitants, The Bettses owned a public bathing club which eventually became the very private  Southampton Bathing Corp.  Another owner, Sydney B. Woods, was the youngest player to win Wimbelton at 19!  There are many stories about this classic house, but my favorite has to do with the owner Mr. Tufu who was said to be dating Lee Radziwill.  He made a name for himself in Southampton when after a fight with Ms. Radziwill he put a dead shark in her swimming pool.  She retaliated by driving his porch into Mocomanto's pool!!  I mean, I don't know about you, but Lee Radziwill is one of my idols.  Her style, grace and whole persona is something I always looked up to.  Hearing that she was part of the homes history was very cool for me and Denise. What a story!  

The new owner is equally as cool and the house really epitomizes that.  His motorcycle is always parked out front, multiple surf boards line the pool house and a personalized corn hole game and fully stocked bar is always on hand.  The house is closed for the season, but we are sure many fun times will be had from here on out.  Hopefully without any more shark incidents.