Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Most of you know that Alex & I recently purchased our first home.  Being a designer, I have access to  all of the most amazing options as far as everything - furniture, fabrics, wall coverings, lighting, the list goes on.  It is so much fun to browse through all of these sources to see which will work in our space.  Although, sometimes it gets overwhelming because we are exposed to so much and each source has so many amazing products.  It's hard to choose!  We are almost finished with living room and are now moving on to the formal dining room.  A lot of couples our age are opting for a less formal, more open floor plan, but I absolutely love the idea of a gorgeous, wallpapered, fully decorated dining room.  I grew up with one (obviously)... with lots of dinner parties and holidays around the table and we plan on doing the same in our home.  Above are my inspiration photos so far and also my inspiration board.

1.  Christina Murphy 
2. Pinterest | Unsure of designer
3. Mark Sikes
4 | 5. Ashley Whitaker