Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Often times when we think of the word symmetry we automatically assume "the same".   People can mistake "sameness" for boring.  However, when speaking in terms of design if a room is not symmetrical it can seems off balance.  When Denise & I walk into a space our eye automatically fixates on anything that is throwing off our perspective.  We are drawn to it, obsessing over it and we immediately have to fix it.  Whether invited to or not - haha!  I thought this was a unique obsession, something inherited from my similarity symmetrically obsessed mother.  However, we realized that we were in good company a few years ago when attending an event with the esteemed Mario Buatta.  While accepting an award he chastised the group for not handing him two statues.  He said he couldn't possibly move forward with his speech only holding one award is his hands because it wasn't symmetrical!  It would drive him crazy!  This is when I realized our obsession wasn't nutty, it was innate!  Here are a few tips to help the symmetrically challenged.

Exterior Perfection
Curb appeal is everything.  What people see when they pull up to your house is what will carry through their visit.  Who wouldn't want to have the above front door?  The evenly spaced, manicured boxwoods, the amazing double pulls on a door with beautiful, intricate millwork?  Even the stripes are evenly spaced.   By simply placing two planters with manicured boxwoods on either side of your front door you will immediately add charm and character to your home. 

In Your Backyard
 I am in awe of this boxwood wonderland.  The lattice work perfectly frames both the garden and the home and there are even an even number of dormers!  Yes, I have OCD.  It is perfection.  

An Even Entry 
An entry should be something that makes you happy as soon as you walk into your home.  This picture is a perfect example of how symmetry can be anything but boring.  It can be colorful and pattern filled, but still pleasing to the eye.  This wallpaper is a chaotic, but calming feature when paired with perfectly balanced accessories.  

Perfect Proportion 
This living room by Mark Sikes shows that balance in a room does not have to mean using the same pieces of furniture, obviously.  In the above he pairs a french upholstered chair with a Billy Baldwin Esq slipper chair.   The proportions of both chairs are similar so they work perfectly together.  He also balances wall space on either side of the fireplace.  A door on the left is paired with a chinoiserie bookcase on the right.  The difference in height is made even by adding ginger jars and artwork.

If symmetry isn't your thing we are obviously obsessed and happy to help...  
Whether you ask us to or not {wink wink}