Monday, April 3, 2017


Given that tonight is the premier of our favorite reality tv show, I thought I would dedicate today's designer notes to one of the most beautiful, Charleston.  The architectural history in downtown Charleston is the reason why it is considered one of the most charming cities in America.  One glance down any unique alleyway will bring a smile to your face.  Each home has a special characteristic, a bold color, a beautiful window box accented by tropical palmetto trees.  The streets are filled with numerous architectural styles from Federal to Victorian.  Even the occasional Greek Revival.  A common style is called the Charleston Single House.  It is uncommon in that it is narrower street side than at it's side.  It is the perfect style for the cities long, narrow lots.   One look at any of the above pictures and you realize that Charleston is an absolute. precious. gem.

Top 5 spots to check out in Charleston for the interior design obsessed:

1.  George C. Birlant & Company
 Specializing in gorgeous English antiques.

2.  Fritz Porter
A collection of unique antiques, mixed with modern pieces.

3.   Indigo Market
They have a slew of palm beach regency pieces - aka bamboo galore.

4.  Charleston Revisions
For a more mid century modern style - this store is your forte. 

5.  Hagan Fine Art Ga& Studio
Beautiful artwork by up and coming designers.

Lastly, we can't talk about Charleston without discussing the queen bee herself, Patricia Astchul. The above photos, featured in architectural digest, show her ridiculously fantastic home.  Decorated by our buddy Mario Buatta this Charleston estate is the definition of Southern Chic.  The rooms are filled with ornate detail - patterns are mixed and colors are bold.   It is over the top, loud and amazing - just like Patricia herself. 

If you haven't already, grab your martini and check out this season of Southern Charm - tonight on Bravo at 9pm.  If you are Southern Style obsessed like myself you will absolutely adore it.