Tuesday, September 5, 2017


We love simple, clean decor, but we also abide by the notion that your home needs to have a personality - it needs to be lived in and filled with accessories and colors that make you happy.  We usually like to add at least one piece of a "lived in" antique to every space no matter how modern it may be.  "In with the old, add to the new"... It always creates a sense of warmth and comfort.  Denise always decorated with armoires in years past.  It was almost a staple, but over the years they unfortunately became passé.  However, recently we have been loving the idea of bringing them back.  Below you can see why...

They are perfect for linen storage in a larger bathroom.  It is an easy way to add substance and elegance to an otherwise simple space.

If you don't have room in your bathroom, but do on your landing, why not have one there?  They are beautiful on their own, but when lined with our favorite monogrammed towels and bedding they become a showstopper - almost like artwork.

Or we just adore having using them without doors as a closet in your child's room.  We would take it a step further and paint the back a fun color ... just perfection.

Take our advice and add an element of old to your space.  You'll be surprised at how happy & new it makes you feel.