Monday, May 3, 2010

Nate Berkus Revised

Don't ask me why I am taking on this project on a Monday night at 9:00, but this is how I role...
A few months back I was reading one of my favorite magazines, Glamour and there was an amazing spread with Nate Berkus. It was all about how to make a small apartment feel bigger. What they failed to mention was that people with apartments that size, cannot afford the Berkalicious design that goes with it. I loved what they did with the place and decided to break it down and make it cheap et chic.

1) Grey Sofa- $479- Ikea
2) White Chaise Lounge ($99 + $49 for white cover)= $148- also, Ikea
3) Grey Ikat Pillows- $24/pair- ebay
4) Vase Collection- $9/ea- west elm
5) Gold handcrafted orbit lamp- $129- Nate Berkus for HSN
6) Handcrafted Morocan Table- $149- Nate Berkus for HSN
7) Tie Dye/Flower Pillows- $24/ea- West Elm
*8) New- Just found this- Log Table- Artesian- $189

There are also a few key items in both pictures that I did not have time to find, but are easy to pick up. A white upholstered headboard can be found at places such as Target for around $120. A fun, girly, gold mirror can be picked up at your local thrift store for around $45. Sisal can be purchased by the square foot at Home Depot & linen curtains are always on sale at PB or are prevalent at the outlets. Last but not least you need to make it your own with little trinkets from trips or your favorite local antique finds. Ok, I'm thoroughly exhausted, but feel free to add your own insight...