Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Apartment Envy

My boyfriend, Alex, and I are on the hunt for a new apartment.  It's been two years in our tiny (but adorable) place and it's time for a change.  We have found a few, but nothing that makes our hearts melt like our first place immediately did.  Regardless, I've already begun redecorating our future pad in my head.  My favorite color is orange and I would love to incorporate it, somehow, into the decor.  Here are some amazingly, chic examples I will try to follow...

image courtesy of Porter Designs

image courtesy of interiorly

image courtesy of the desk of annie

image courtesy of my fashion gfs apartment
*also, blogged about it here:

image courtesy of Elle Decor

image courtesy of heart of design

image courtesy of pintrest

The color is so happy and vibrant.  It really perks up any room.
Here are some orange accent pieces I am considering:

Amazing West Elm Rug

Adorable Homegoods Lamps

Etsy chevron pillow

West Elm lacquer tray

My faux Rothko obsession continues

Which accent pieces will I choose?
...I should probably wait until we find an apartment.