Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I grew up with parents that always had matching luggage, it never even occurred to them not too (my mom is an interior designer and my dad is an amaze dresser- so it's a given).  While registering I brought the subject up to my fiancĂ©.  Do we match?  Yes, it was obvious to me.  He kept saying it was silly and unnecessary, but I ended up winning that fight. 

Now, what about a weekender?  Do we keep it matching since now we decided to match with the luggage? Or do I go with something fun like this amaze Stubbs, leopard, woven bag and he get a preppy, green CV?  Do we both get the adorbs monogrammed J McLaughlin that doesn't match the luggage?  Or do we both get the classic T Anthony black, matching both each other and our luggage?  I can't decide.  Is this a ridiculous problem to have?  Probably, but I'd like to hear your opinions anyway.