Monday, June 24, 2013


So, as you can see I went a little monogram crazy at the wedding... the photographer actually missed a few of items if you can believe it.  I knew from the beginning of the planning that our new initials would be a big part of our reception.  I just love the cute, preppiness of it.  

From top to bottom, the robes were one of the gifts for my bridesmaids.  I love the idea of everyone having a personalized item to get ready in- it makes for adorable pictures.  Then, there were our church programs which we decided to tie with stripped ribbon- I loved the way they came out.  I thought I went a little overboard with the monogrammed pillows, but after looking at the pictures, I actually think I needed a few more of them.  Obviously, I had to mono the menu's which I thought were too small, but I'm sure no one noticed.  This is something I realized after the fact... don't stress too much about the little details because no one notices then anyway haha.  Lastly, were the stickers for the paper bags which were filled with donuts for our guests to grab with coffee on their way out.  Missing from photo's were cocktail & guest napkins, coffee cozies aaaand I think that's it.  Yes, nuts.

If you need any sources let me know...