Thursday, June 18, 2015


Fathers day is right around the corner and decorators best asked me to post some gift ideas.  My dad is pretty easy to shop for.  He loves golf with my brother, a scotch on the rocks at sundown, "time pieces", his stubb collection and a great, worn in hat.  That being said, he would enjoy nothing more on fathers day than to hang out, have a bbq and spend the entire day with his family... nothing makes him happier than his family and that is why we love him so dearly.  Love you, Pauly!

Gifts Above:
1. Double old fashion glasses | Waterford - Lismore
2. The World's Most Expensive Watches book | Barneys
3. Whales Tale Pale Ale hat | Cisco Brewers
4. Raffia Stubbs | Stubbs & Wooton
5. Monogrammed golf balls | Etsy