Friday, October 21, 2016


This week was a long one.  My husband and I are awaiting the birth of our first little girl and my mom and I are swamped in client meetings.  I feel blessed that we are so busy right now and am beyond excited for our new projects ahead (although, I have to say I am more excited to meet my baby girl of course!!)  We need constant inspiration and browsing pinterest in bed while laying awake at night has become a favorite pastime.  This week there seemed to be a common thread- gracie or gracie-esq wallpaper.  It is beyond beautiful and just inherently classic.  I have been desperately wanting framed panels in our living room and am thinking about biting the bullet as a push present for myself... we shall see!  I hope you enjoy this weeks inspiration...

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


We love a beautiful light colored, linen sofa.  We use them often because they are classic, clean and work well with our bold accent colors.  However, recently our clients have been asking for something more durable and comfortable.  Velvet seems to be the answer.  It creates a warm, inviting lounge area and is perfect for the cold weather ahead.  Above are some inspiration photo's of gorgeous living room's with the perfect velvet sofas.  We will share photo's of three separate installs where we used velvet in the next few weeks.  They are all completely different in feel, but have one thing in common- a totally comfortable place your you and your hubs to lounge or for your little kiddies to watch their cartoons all afternoon.

Inspiration c/o: 
1. Cece Barfield
2. Ashley Whittaker
3. Christina Murphy
4. Unkown- Pinterest