Monday, January 9, 2017


It's a gloomy, 18 degrees out, we have a million deadlines and my little munchkin is sick.  To say I am stressed out is an understatement.  However, there was a glimpse of something today that definitely brought a smile to my face.  We are re-vamping our website and while looking through old client photo's this afternoon I found the first photo... the pineapple photo.  Denise and I create each job with the motto "don't take yourself too seriously".  Every home is personal and we always try to add humor where you least expect it.  In a New Canaan, CT job these adorable, preppy chic pineapple lamps perfectly perched on their lucite pedestal did the trick.   Whether it be through accessories, unexpected fabric choices, artwork or just a certain color on the wall... humor is a simple way to add personality to any room.  Below it are some other design moments that definitely make me happy.  I hope they do the same for you. 

1.  Our room in a New Canaan, CT job
2.  Sarah Bartholemew | Miles Redd
3.  Mark Sikes