Friday, February 3, 2017


There have been a slew of articles recently discussing the resurgence of Maximalism.  Designers like Alex Papachristidis, Mary McDonald and Miles Redd are perfect examples of this.  They are bringing back the Mario Buatta "more is more" mentality with regards to color, prints and accessorizing!!  Alex Papachristidis is known for his use of silk, deep purple color palette and his layering.  Mary McDonald for her painted floors, her use of brass and her love of anything chinoiserie & french (our style sister).  Miles Redd and his vibrant color choices - no one does it like him!

Denise & I are thrilled because clearly we never bought into the minimalist movement.  We agree that there needs to be a certain amount of restraint in design, but the restoration hardware, greige vibe of the last few years always had us yawning!!  Where is the originality?  Where is the personality? Where is the WALLPAPER?! haha... But seriously, in our eyes, it lacked imagination.  The antique movement is back and we are thrilled that the style cycle is returning to old school luxury!

We have discussed our Kings Point project in the past and this is where our love of maximalism will shine.  Decorative moldings, lacquered walls, color!!  In our Friday Favorites this week we take a look at recent lux finds for this project.  Enjoy their beauty and have a great weekend!

M & D

1.  Mary McDonald
2.  Alex Papachristidis
3. Miles Redd