Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Every designer has their magicians.  The people on their team who help create the behind the scene beauty on every project.  Recently, we've been working with a master mill worker at BRI-NIC who's intricate lines and attention to detail are beyond measure.  For our Kings Point project every room is a work of art.  Denise has been working for over a year year to customize each corner and nook.  

Firstly, we started with large, square wainscoting- a more modern take on the traditional rectangular style.  It has made such an impact already in the space.  The entry is going to be to be white outlined an an antique strie - a perfect mix of new and old.  The family room is going to have a grey wash which creates a warming, cozy environment.  The large squares perfectly frame the five Chesney fireplaces throughout the house.

Next, we focused on ceiling mill work.  In the dining room the client wanted a very formal and decorative look.  The inspiration was almost a floral motif.  The final look is going to be tone on tone in either a lacquer or satin finish.  For the living room we wanted something simple that made a statement.  A large center rectangle is framed with smaller boxed out mill work.  The center space is going to be a lacquer with the exterior boxes in a white.  All boxes framework will have a slight gilding. 

Here is our magician.  Thank you, Mario!! We cannot wait to see the finished product.  We know it will be amazing! We will keep you posted on designer notes with each site visit.  So keep checking back!


1.  Left pictures - inspiration
2.  Right pictures - on site